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Who are we

We are Aussie cold water swimmers with a passion for travel & wild swimming. We love creative photography and story telling. Oh, and we happen to work in I.T.

So, we made a hobby website for our community of swimmers, travellers, photographers or swim writers. It just keeps growing. Further inspired we hope to add some fun swim challenges later.

We hope you find it useful. We welcome your feedback and participation.

To swim or not to swim.

It all started in our last travels around Australia, we could not easily find swim locations. Yet there are so many; classic suburban pools, gorgeous beaches, life saving clubs, country swimming holes, and of course, those dramatically spectacular rock pools!

Now we have this site plus
A wee shop
the Vic OW Swims Book site

Please join us and send your favourite swim locations, via the Submit link or the map icon pop up update link.

Or if you are a local writer who delights in all things swimming, we welcome your contributions to our WaterLog, (esp. in Australia), please contact us to publish on our WaterLog.


All Water is Dangerous & Risky. Swimming is Dangerous & Risky. Do it wisely at your own risk & liability.

This website offers no service terms, use at your own discretion, no liability is accepted what-so-ever.

More Details

Site features;

  • 1 - Swim Map - select the Layers Icon on the Top Left to Toggle Swims by categories.
  • 2 - Swim Map - click a Map Marker to Pop Up the Website Link or Further information.
  • 3 - Submit - Submit your favourite Swim locations to us for inclusion on the Map. Takes a day or week to show up while we verify.
  • 4 - WaterLog - A collection of Water or Swim related articles by local authors.
  • 5 - Shop - Some selected items for swimmers.
  • 6 - Lists - Sorted descriptive lists for the Best Beaches, Events Cold Water Swimming or Winter swimming clubs.
  • 7 - Ozswims.co - Sea temperature recording site for swimmers using their smart watch or manual recordings.
  • 8 - Vicowswims.info - an introductory site for the Victorian Open Water Swims Book.

Coming soon

Currently in progress, these are the planned new features:

  • 1 - Track your swim location progress.
  • 2 - Some fun swim challenges are under development for end of 2023.

Please contact me to let me know what new features you would like. If you are a swimming org that would like to collaborate or embed maps or articles please let us know too.

Happy Swimming

“A swimming journey would give me access to that part of our world which, like darkness, mist, woods or high mountains, still retains most mystery. It would afford me a different perspective on the rest of land-locked humanity.”, from WaterLog by Roger Deakin

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